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I Write Passionately About:

  • Health & Wellness

    • Fitness & Exercise

  • Diet & Nutrition

    • Mental Health & Motivation

I'm an RN with 5+ years of patient care experience. With each piece I write, I draw on my extensive clinical knowledge and passion for holistic wellness. I’m trained to read academic research, interpret data, and convey pertinent information in a way that anybody can understand.

I write creative, educational, and entertaining pieces that will keep your readers engaged and sharing. Combining my nursing background with extensive knowledge of SEO and brand development, I craft results-oriented wellness content.




Are you ready to stand out in the health/wellness industry? Do your readers want evidence-based, actionable health advice? Do you want to work with a trusted professional who has real-world healthcare experience?

Then look no further! I combine my RN background with my extensive knowledge of SEO, persuasive writing, and brand development to create results-oriented wellness content. Whether you’re chasing a trendy keyword, or you want evergreen content to bring new customers to your brand for years to come, I’ve got you covered!


Blog Post

These quick, shareable pieces are perfect for boosting social media engagement. Choose any topic in the wide world of health and wellness, and I’ll write an article that perfectly reflects your brand's voice and reminds your audience why they keep coming back.


In-Depth Article

Assert your brand as the most reputable authority in your industry with these research-heavy articles. As an RN, I'm trained to dig into the literature and pull out the most relevant concepts. Some of my favorite long-form articles include guides, listicles, and in-depth analyses.


Website Copy

These days, consumers have high standards for web copy. They want to feel welcomed and appreciated, and they want copy that is genuine, engaging, and succinct. Whether you need help getting a landing page to convert, or a complete overhaul of your site, I’m your man. Don’t let boring copy stand between you and your goals!


“Everything Ben writes is top-notch. His articles are educational, funny, and uplifting. We always get lots of positive comments when we post his articles, my readers love them!”

-Alyx Schutz, Co Founder of PreparNation

“Ben's writing is awesome! He's a pleasure to work with, and consistently produces great work. His articles are positive and very well written.”

-Gregory Papas, Founder of Papas Post


CBD Workout Recovery Balm

This blog post is designed to sell without being "salesy". It's light and educational. It clearly defines the customer's pain-points, and uses data to explain how the product solves their problem.

How to Create S.M.A.R.T Goals and Achieve Them!

This uplifting and motivational article was released shortly after the New Year. It educates the audience on an evidence-based goal-setting technique, and encourages them to take action.


7 Inflammation-Fighting Foods

This in-depth article was based on a significant amount of research and draws on 10 sources. It educates the audience about the dangers of inflammation, defines anti-inflammatory diet, and explores 7 examples of anti-inflammatory foods.


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